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7 Steps for Buying a Home

Buying a house can be a very daunting task, especially for the first-time home buyer. Let the professional agents at The Forbes Real Estate Group help you navigate the path to home ownership. Our experienced staff can assist you with finding a house, submitting an offer, completing due diligence, and closing on the home of your dreams. This means we are committed to helping you achieve your home ownership goals wholeheartedly!

7 Steps for Buying a Home:

  1. Choose a licensed real estate broker to work with.
    • Your agent should conduct an initial interview to familiarize themselves with your needs and wants
    • Your agent should help you submit documents to lenders for prequalification and loan approval (pay stubs, bank statements, W-2’s, tax returns, extc.)
  2. Get Pre-Qualified.
    • Determine the type of loan and terms that fit your needs (FHA, Conventional, Fixed, ARM, Veteran, USDA, extc.)
    • Determine the amount of funds the lender will lend
    • Estimate your down payment, monthly payments, taxes, insurance, interest rates, inspection fees, appraisal fees, closing cost, extc.
  3. Find your house.
    • Search properties that meet a balance between your personal and financial needs
  4. Make an offer and submit earnest money.
    • Your agent should be able to write up an offer to purchase contract that meets local, state, and federal guidelines
    • Your agent should be able to help you negotiate all counter offers
  5. Complete Due diligence.
    • Your agent should help you complete all inspections and renegotiate offer, if needed.
    • Your agent should help you submit all documents for loan approval
  6. Receive and review the closing statement.
    • Your agent should go over the closing statement with you to answer any questions you may have
  7. Close on the property.
    • Your agent should assist you with doing a final walk-through of the property, signing and submitting additional documents at the closing
    • Submit funds (down payment, closing cost, inspection cost extc.)
    • Receive your keys

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