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Choose a Real Estate Agent

Buying a property requires making many important financial decisions, understanding complex issues and completing a lot of paperwork. It helps to have an expert in your corner when undertaking such a large purchase. The agents at The Forbes Real Estate Groupcan guide you through this process, and also provide you with access to property listings before they hit the general market.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your real estate professional:

  • The Forbes Real Estate staff consists of multiple full-time agents. Our agents have experience completing transactions all over Eastern North Carolina.
  • Most of our agents are from the locality, and we know our area very well.
  • Most of our agents are available at night,and on weekends, and holidays.
  • Our agents continually strive to improve and gain knowledge of the latest real estate trends and hold the highest designations in their respective fields of expertise.
  • Our agents will return your calls promptly to make sure all your questions are answered.
  • Choose an agent who listens attentively to your needs and concerns.
  • The Forbes Real Estate staff consist of agents that are professionals at negotiating terms that benefit you the most!

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